I love the normal facial oil!

This product is amazing! I can see a huge difference from the first time I used the normal/combination facial oil. Girl, this is like tears from the beauty gods bottled up just for me.

I have been using your acne face oil for about a year now and its been a serious game changer!

I really love the normal oil so far. My skin leans towards the sensitive side and I breakout somewhat easily. But, this stuff is great!

Feels amazing, smells amazing & works amazing!! 11/10 recommend

I have insanely dry skin because I have a rare condition where I don’t sweat. I used the dry  oil last night and today was the first day I woke up without my face feeling like sandpaper. I am so impressed and happy! By this point in my day I’d normally have to reapply face lotion of some sort like 3 or 4 times. Still only used this oil last night and my face feels like silk. I’m geeking out!

I love this oil because it has raw ingredients in it and it makes my skin have a great healthy glow.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your oil the acneic/oily facial oil. Even my husband loves the smell.

Your anti-aging oil has literally changed my skin!

Love this oil. Thank you for making a facial oil for acne prone skin that actually works. It’s my number one must have!

I absolutely LOVE your facial oil. It has changed my skin forever! I’m so thankful for your high quality products.

It’s changed my skin! It has never been more clear or smoother.

I’m loving my facial oil already after just a few uses.

I have gotten so many compliments on my skin since using the normal oil. I’m obsessed!

So excited for my new skincare pick me up!

I was skeptical because most oils just make me break out and stay greasy. I have common skin so it’s been amazing in moisturizing the dry bits and not over oiling the oily bits. I’m sold. The anti-aging oil has done so much for my skin in just a few weeks.

I have gotten a ton of questions about the oil and highly recommend it to everyone. It really has made my face so clear and hydrated. I love it!

Thank you so much. Most times I won’t even wear makeup now just blush and chapstick.

This oil did what 6 months at a dermatologist couldn’t. Miracles do exist!

I LOVE THIS OIL!!! I ordered my first bottle during the Christmas season and I just ran out. You literally only need a couple of drops and it will transform our skin. I love it and my esthetician loves the way it hydrates my skin. I HIGHLY recommend this. But don’t buy them all because I need my fix too.

I use both the normal (morning) and the ant-aging (evening) oils and I love them so much!!! My skin feels and looks much better..highly recommend these products.

Absolutely love and recommend the anti-aging oil to anyone who wants hydrated smooth skin. I’ve been using it for a couple months now and my skin has never looked better.

The formulas are great. I like that they absorb so well and don’t feel heavy at all. It’s made a huge difference in my skin.

This oil is amazing. It’s lunch time and I’m not an oil slick. Wow, good job. I will be spreading the word and continuing to purchase products from you.

My skin has never been better.

I have been using the oily/acneic facial oil for about a month and it has seriously saved my skin. I have been using facial oils for awhile but had to use them sparingly because it would cause me to break out no matter how little or how much I put on. I use this one all over my face, on my lips, etc. Not only does this one not clog my pores but actually is clearing up my skin. Lastly I have to talk about the smell. It smells like I had a day at the spa, citrusy dream. I’m obsessed!

I cannot begin to tell you how amazing your oils are. I’ve been using them a little over 2 weeks now and my skin has never looked better. It’s not as oily and my breakouts are cleared up. I feel like my skin is glowing! For the first time in years I’ve been wearing nothing but mascara.

No make up thanks to Bonum Vitae. Seriously the best face regimen I have ever been on. I love how my face looks and feels.

I have combo skin and live in sunny (hot/humid) Florida and I still use it everyday. It gives my skin the right amount of moisture plus I reap the benefits from the added vitamins. When it comes to make up, the ingredients get complicated. When it comes to skincare I like to keep it simple and this oil is it.

I’m in love with the oily/acneic facial oil. My skin feels great and is already starting to clear up.

Using the oily/acneic facial oil I’ve been able to knock my products in half. My skin feels amazing and I haven’t had a major breakout since.

I’ve been using the facial oil for about a week now and already see a difference. I hardly need to wear make up to hide these beastly pimples cause they’re nearly gone.

The dry skin facial oil is my night time essential.

My skin is in love with the oily/acneic facial oil.

I love your oils!

I’m addicted to the anti-aging oil. It’s been difficult for me to find the right product that leaves my skin feeling hydrated. Once I put it on, I immediately feel a difference. I love the natural glow it provides my skin and with that I wear less make up. I love my skin more than ever thanks to this miracle in a bottle.

I just started adapting facial oils into my regimen and I love yours. I use 4-5 drops every morning and night. One bottle last me 3 months which is great.

My skin glows using the normal oil. I can walk out of the house with just this amazing oil and mascara.

Magic in a bottle!

The anti-aging oil has made it so I don’t have to wear makeup and feel confident in my own skin. I’ve been using it for 3 years and is a staple for me.

I love this oil. I’m combo skin so right after washing my face my skin feels tight and uncomfortable. I mix a few drops of oil with my moisturizer and I’m set. Plus it’s light weight. I also love to mix it with my foundation to sheer them out and make my skin look dewy.

My skin was glowing this morning. I have such sensitive skin so knowing what goes in it is perfect for me. Excited to keep using it!

I’ve been using the normal oil for a month now and have noticed drastic changes in my skin. I don’t even feel the need to wear foundation anymore.

Obsessed with your oil. My skin is so clear and feels amazing.

I’m aging in reverse!

It’s wonderful. I use it on my brush before I apply foundation for a more sheer coverage.

If you don’t use a facial oil, you should start. This one is fire. I had to make sure I had another one before I ran out.

I’m loving my normal oil. I use it in the morning before makeup. A few days ago I put one drop in my foundation, it gave me a nice glow! Lovvve

I’m loving my skin more and more each day with my facial oils!

I don’t know how I ever lived without these oils before!

Bonum Vitae is now one of my favorite skin care brands! These moisturizing oils have single handedly cleared up my skin. Which is quite a feature next to the countless skincare brands I’ve tried over the years.

My skin redness has calmed down since using the normal oil. It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave a residue. So happy to say my sensitive skin can finally be moisturized.

I weeped a little when I realized I squeezed the last drop today. I never use up fully beauty products, I have so many. This oil made my dry skin lively again. It’s an effective oil that smells wonderful. I’m addicted! Thank you for creating the best skin oil.

I cannot thank you enough. For the past few months I have been on the go. This little oil is magic in a bottle. It smells so good and my face is glowing.

I’ve been using the normal and anti-aging for over a week and I’m in love. The scent is just amazing.I’ve been using in place of my moisturizer and my makeup glides on nicer and I don’t feel oily, just hydrated. I’ve used other facial oils before and within hours I would be super oily but with these it doesn’t happen.

Feeling the no foundation look lately since my oily/acneic oil is treating me right. Thanks for saving my skin!

These oils are complete life savers. Being breakout prone I was always afraid of using an oil product on my face fearing I would breakout. I’ve been using the anti-aging for a little while and I’ve seen no breakouts, just super soft and supple skin.

I have been using the normal facial oil as a moisturizer and I love it. You can put it on at night after you cleanse or in the morning before make up for happy hydrated skin.

I have been using Bonum Vitae’s anti-aging oil for about 2 weeks and I am obsessed with it. My face is smoother and firmer than ever. I put it on every morning before I apply any make up, sometimes I mix it with my moisturizer. A little goes a long way!

I am currently using the dry skin facial oil and my skin loves this oil. It left me feeling hydrated thru the whole day and works under makeup. I also see my skin tone and glowing, which I love. It’s the perfect oil to use now at the end of summer to repair cell damage and sun spots.



“Can’t thank Bonum Vitae enough for saving my skin and my life with her oils!!! She has the best skincare products to help with all types of skins and stop that aging. Throw away all your other moisturizers cause this is the only thing you’ll need. Your skin feels clean and looks amazing. For girls who work in the nightlife this works wonders. It sucks all the smoke and toxins that’s in the air. I highly recommend using this stuff.”

“I feel confident wearing no foundation. My face is literally blemish free and my freckles finally get to show!! I throw on some under eye concealer because I never sleep but that’s it. I’m so in love with how my face feels and looks.”

“I think it’s amazing that you are getting your product out there. So many bad products in the skincare market. It’s about time a good one gets its deserved attention.”

“This time of year is pretty hard on my skin, working as an office manager I interact with clients on a very one on one basis, but it’s a little embarrassing as you’re typing with hands that are full of cracked and dried out skin. I befriended an esthetician, who created an all natural moisturizer that works wonders on all types of skin.”

“I tried various lotions and creams from dermatologists that my insurance fought me on covering. I didn’t really care for the way they made my face feel. I always felt like there was a lot of residue and wanted to wash my face after application. On top of everything else, they didn’t work as advertised. A lot of money for little results; not buying it! I ran into an old friend that had told me about essential oils and the natural way of healing damaged skin with natural products. I was extremely hesitant because I had always believed oil caused acne. After some convincing I took a sample of the acneic moisturizer and tried it. (What’s the worst that could happen? A couple of pimples that would go away) To my amazement it was working! A lot of wrinkles were decreasing and disappearing, my acne was reducing after one weeks use! I am 36 years old and am often mistaken for being in my early 20’s. I was hesitant at first but gave it a try and it was worth it. If you don’t believe me just try it, you will see a difference.”

“I started using Bonum Vitae facial oil for normal skin around 8 months ago when Andrea first started making them. One evening I was at a friends house and she told me my skin looked great, that I was glowing! That was when I told her I started using oils Andrea made up. At that time she was testing them and I felt that my skin was so much more hydrated and that helped with the fine lines on my face and my neck. I use it twice a day – in the am with spf and every evening before bed. Since then I have gotten several comments on how good I am looking, always nice to hear! So this last month I started using the body oil also I love it, just a little goes a long way! LOVE IT!!! Thanks for making me looking my best!”

“Miracle in a bottle!”

“So I’ve been trying to use the oil every day after I was my face or after my showers. It might just be in my head but I feel my skin is starting to look more even in tone and more “fresh” like I’m not so concerned about wearing cover up. I like the look of my skin bare. Is that weird?”

“I get facials monthly so I asked my Aesthetician what her thoughts on trying an oil based moisturizer were. She suggested I try it after my next facial that way she can see for the following appointment if there were any noticeable results. After three weeks of using Bonum Vitae’s dry skin moisturizer I came in for my appointment. At the end she said that my face was like a rock, the elasticity had changed tremendously. I was glad to see it was money well spent. She also asked to get her a sample.”

“I have been using the anti-aging essential oil formula on my face for a few weeks. My skin feels so soft and moisturized. I no longer need to use any other moisturizer. I have also received comments from others saying that my face was glowing.”

“It gave me a closer shave, better glide and less irritation after. Who knew?”

“I love that you can cocktail any of these products.”

“The thing I enjoy most about this product is that it isn’t just what it says. You can also use it as a cleanser, primer, aftershave, chapped skin, moisturizer, etc. If I have an issue I just bust out Bonum Vitae!”